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Re: Radio Questions

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, jason douglas wrote:

> ARI is an FM  sub-carrier based program broadcast in Germany (and maybe
> other european countries too?) used for traffic reports.  The programs are
> broadcast periodically.  Of course there are special bulletins too.  My old
> ('82) 100 had an ARI equipped factory radio, and you could set it so that,

	I drove a '95 BMW 740iL a couple weeks ago.  It had a National 
Weather service band that searched for weather reports.  It seemed 
to work in the Detroit area.  Nice idea.  Iwasn't aware that such 
a service existed in this country, but I guess it does. BTW, the 740iL 
was _very_ nice, very smooth, refined, competent, and comfortable.  It 
had a very impressive engineering content.  The details were 
impressive.  However, It was not as good as the Audi A8 that I drove 
last fall.  I can't wait until Audi imports that car!

Later, Graydon D. 

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