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**Audi sighted in Seattle

          Yo Robert,

               Very good question.  Actually I read an article in Automobile ma
gazine in 1990--The New Cars '91 issue.  In it was an article on the '91 turbo
quattro coupe--the last year they were going to make it, and it was.  I was sup
prised also, thinking they hadn't made any since the mid-late 80's.
               This I guess would be considered a Ur-quattro, since it was the
origonal tqc bodystyle (although they were already making the 90 coupe quattro)
.  It also had a turbocharged 20V engine.  The differences I noticed were the b
lacked-out tailights, digital dash, AudiSport steering wheel, and more horsepow
er!  But, other than that, it looked the same as the origonal tqc's.  Unfortuna
tely, like many great Audis (RS2 Avant, S2, and ASF), it never reached U.S. sho
res.  It had a list price in Germany of $55,000.
               Well, there you go.  Although the U.S. hasn't seen a tqc since
1985, production didn't actually ceace untill 1991.  Well, I hope I expanded yo
ur knowledge.  I've got a question for you.  Did the pre-1985 Ur-quattros have
10V or 20V turbocharged 5 cylinder engines?  If this was a new addition in 1991
, then this model would have to be a real banger (and quite a collector's item)