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Dual pot brakes for dual cams

hmmmmm. ....   Another one, bob....  Not sure, think if the carrier bolt
pattern the same and the offset the same for the disk, it would be a hardware
change only....  If I remember correctly, tho, the 90q is a 4 bolt pattern,
right?  If it is you're sol...  I remember that my buddies 90cq had a special
hub, bolt distance or offset or sumthin, cuz he had a set of wheels that we
figgrd wouldn't fit my 5ktq...  In fact, I know there is a prob here cuz the
5ktq uses the same wheels as the mercedes 300 (slightly different offset,
larger bolts), and the 90cq app was all by its lonesome self....  A quick
call to Libra racing (buffum) might help here, I know his stepson raced a tcq
of your vintage in ProRally, I'm sure his brakes were somthing else....
 Maybe they went to the dual piston calipers on the turbo (euro only cars)
90cq....  If they did, it is my guess that they probably went with the 5 bolt
wheels and the 5k/200 brakes....