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Re: Flame bait

On 20 Mar 1995, Peter Fraser wrote:

> But that's because we also own an old Alfa and an old Ferrari, both of which
> the Audi absolutely outperforms in every respect on paper but are infinitely
> more sporting in character.
> The best thing about all this is that we have so many cars to choose from, so
> arguments over which is better really don't mean anything anyway.
> Does that help at all?

yes, interesting points.  but i'm sure you do realize that alfa has pulled
out of the US market and that even appliance makers (by your definition)
audi and vw are not in too good a shape.  

if we compare ourselves to the russians or chinese we sure do have a lot
of cars to choose from, but if we compare ourselves to the japanese or
western europeans, our lack of taste (and the self righteousness that goes
along with it) has meant that more exciting cars never make it here.