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Re: 959 Sighting Doubtful

> I highly doubt that people REALLY saw a 959 in California.  You're right,
> there were two that were impounded in San Francisco, and one of them was for
> Bill Gates.  However, Bill Gates doesn't work for Apple and Microsoft is in
> in Redmond, Washington.  Unless someone saw him driving it up to Washington
> (if it was even released), it's doubtful people saw it much in California.
> BTW, it's not that the 959 wouldn't pass the crash test test, it's that
> Porsche didn't want to waste/total a very expensive 959 on the crash test in
> order to sell a very limited number of 959s.
> -DMR.
I missed the earlier part of this thread, but I do recall that someone wrote 
a letter to AutoWeek a few years ago about a 959 sighting on the Golden Gate 
Bridge.  The EPA (or whichever Nazis they are that are protecting us) put 
together quite an investigation as a result.  They probably knew that there 
was a real possibility that one of these three digit mosters was endangering 
the safety of the public, and needed to make sure that the perpetrators 
filled the coffers.

Steve Buchholz

Cynical?  ... ME cynical?