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Re: Stalking

Eliot Lim sez:
> anyone here ever been caught with a R.D. and been let off?

Yup -- driving my Jeep at 68 in a 55 (at 3AM), I got a written warning.
And I had a Passport in plain view, glued to the top of the

> one of my former neighbors was a cop and he, like many of us likes to
> speed (or shall we say, think the speed limits are nothing more than
> a cynical method of taxation).  one night while coming home he tried to
> outrun a cop that was trying to pull him over for speeding. 

Never *EVER* try this.

WHEN they catch you, they will, in all liklihood, beat the living s***
out of you, and then trot you beaten body off to jail, complete with
a list of charges that will keep your lawyer busy for years.

Cops do NOT appreciate putting their own lives in danger -- especially to
catch people who show no respect.  If you cause them to risk their lives
in a high-speed chase, they WILL pay you back.

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