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Re: radiator shrouds

   >And Audi "replacements" (from, e.g., Linda@Carlson) are "plastic" (i.e.,
   >some long-chain-polymer-like substance...). Which I certainly *hope* will
   >last longer than the cheap-shit cardboard units they are replacing!
   >					-RDH

    Looks like I might be out of luck.  I called Linda@Carlsen and they
   said the shrouds for the "4000" models are still cardboard, but the "5000"
   models are plastic.


Um, how about, ah, "soaking" the cardboard pieces of [oops, sorry] in,
say, fiberglass resin, or copious "painting" with polyurethane, or some
such wild-a**ed scheme? Dunno about the polyurethane, but fiberglass
should tolerate the engine compartment temps with no great problems.
But -20F winters???? Dunno...