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Re: Stalking

> anyone here ever been caught with a R.D. and been let off?

One of the few breaks I ever received was when I had a fuzzbuster in PLAIN
sight to a cop.  I was on my way to the warehouse one afternoon about three
summers ago driving one of the delivery vehicles, a four door Chevette.  Real
sporty.  I drove the thing about 230 miles a day, so my boss gave me his radar
detector to use in it.  I had pulled into the parking lot of the warehouse,
before I even realized there was a cop behind me, with all of his lights on.
 He hopped out, and came up to have a chat.
"Afternoon officer, what seems to be the problem?"
"You know you were going 65 back there?  The speed limit on that road is only
35, son."
"65?  Really?  I didn't know this car could go that fast!"  (I really have no
idea how fast I was gong, but I'm sure he was pretty close to being right.)
 About this time I started staring at the fuzz buster hanging from the
passenger sun visor.  Power lights were on, in city mode, volume all the way up
(I checked!).  Interesting.  The cop looked at what I was playing with, then
asked me for my license and registration.  After about 15 minutes of sitting
around, he finally came back up to the window.
"Slow it down, son.  Have a nice day."  No ticket!  No nothing!  HA!  Only
thing I could figure is that he hadn't actually clocked me, had just made a
visual guess at my speed, and thought I could use the fact that the fuzz buster
hadn't gone off in court against him (yes, that was actually legal to use in
court in MD at the time.  Think it still is.)  In any case, he didn't do a
thing, just hopped back in the squad car and pulled away.

87 5000CS TQ