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Re: Audi GT fuel range (was: New member to List)

>On Mon, 20 Feb 1995 you wrote:
>> I'm a newbie to the Internet who also happens to be an Audi fan. 
>Welcome to the list -- I'm sure you'll find the conversation here to be
>extremely informative and helpful.
Thanks, if the past two days are any indication, this discussion group alone
will be worth the price of Internet admission :)

>> I do have a question that I hope someone might answer.  I have a 1985 Audi
>> GT Coupe with 156K miles on the head and about 80K on the block ...      
>>     (text deleted)
>> The problem I have is that I only get 275-300 miles out of a tank of gas,
>> and with a 16 gallon tank, this is beginning to hurt the pocketbook.  What
>                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                            Nothing unusual for Audi owners here!!!  ;-)
Well as far as everything else is concerned, I haven't had much of a problem
get inexpensive parts (as long as I stay away from the dealer)

>> [text deleted]
>Your fuel range sounds a little low but given the age of the car it's 
>probably not too abnormal.  How far down do you let the tank go before
>you refill it, and how many gallons are you putting in after your 275-300
>miles?  You might also consider checking the injectors themselves if you
>can't find anything else.
>					Chris Idleman
>					'87 Coupe GT
Most of the time I get the tank down well below the "E" mark (there's a gas
station down the street) so I'm routinely putting in 15+ gal. at a time.  I
just can't get myself to go put gas in every two hundred miles, so instead I
tend to go to the other extreme.

I had someone else mention the injectors, but I'm afraid to look.  I think
that's the one part I couldn't get cheaply, and I know I couldn't just
replace the faulty "one."