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*Stalking and 959's

       Montana, huh.  "Son, you were doin 95 in a 45mph zone.  I'm gonna really
 stick it to you, you city boy.  That'll be $5."
       "How bout I just right you a check for $20 and speed all through your
damn state?"

        I guess Montanna needs all the help they can get to increse tourism, ev
en if they attract speed freaks like us.  This is the way I think it should be
in all of the 50 states.

        Highways shouldn't have speed limits, they should have minimum speeds f
or each lane, like the Autobahn.  I think this would actually prevent accidents
.  And we'd get the Volvo drivers <nomex on> out of the left lane!
I have heard unfortunate rumors that the unlimited speed on the Autobahn is in
jeapardy.  German legislators want to impose an 80-90mph speed limit on the Aut
obahn because of a high fatality/accident rate there (most of which is caused b
y people *especially E.Germans* who are driving too slow in the fast lane!)  Wh
at can I say; gov't regulation really sux!  Supposedly, it's only a matter of t
ime before there is a speed limit on the Autobahn.

       I think many Germans will migrate to Montana when this happens.