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Re: New member to list

> Here's a datapoint for you.  My '86 5000 (normally aspirated) with the 5 spd
> gets 22-23 around town in
> the winter (oxygenated gas), around 25 in town in the summer, and around 27
> on the highway with normal gas (a/c off, 75 mph).
I'm curious.  My (her, whatever) 84 5000S, 2.2 non-turbo, 5spd gets over 30
MPG.  Always has, that car's been in the family since '86.  Now, the 84 does
not have a computer display like my 87 TQ, nor does the odometer work (been
dead for years.)  I've guestimated mileage for it simply by driving known
distances and watching how much gas I use.  She can drive that heap from State
College, PA to DC and back again (about 200 miles each way) and have well over
a quarter tank left when she gets back.  I made the same trip in that car all
last year, and fared about the same in mileage as she is.  The first thing I
noticed when I bought the Quattro was the disgusting mileage I got in it, which
according to the computer was around 23 (now around 25 after a total tune-up.)
 I figured it was because of the added burden of turning four wheels instead of
just two.  To get the 84 out of it's own wake, I drove the thing with the pedal
to the floor the majority of the time, whereas the Quattro will do what I want
with considerably less effort, so it wasn't because of driving style.  I know
the tanks are the same size (close enough anyway) because I have flat out
pushed the thing (84) to a gas station before, and got just a little over 20
gallons in it.  Is this 84 an exception?  I just don't understand that my (her,
whatever) 84 gets that much better mileage than any other 5000 out there!

87 5000CS TQ