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Re: Lost code for radio on '89 100Q

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Brian Lakeman wrote:

> I bought my '89 100Q used, and I the dealer I bought it from doesn't know  
> code for the radio.  Recently my battery went dead so my radio no longer  
> works.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?
 I assume you didn't buy your car from an Audi dealer. The proceedure for 
getting the code goes as follows:
1. remove your radio and write down any numbers that are printed or 
stamped anywhere on it.
2. write Down your VIN number.
3. call your local Audi dealer and explain your situation. They will take 
those numbers you have written down and enter them into some computer. 
This computer will give them the code for your radio. My dealer gave me 
the code over the phone, which I suppose sort of defeats the purpose of 
the whole *&(!@##$ anti theft radio pain in the *SS. But maybee I just 
have an honest voice. (Soon theives might get smart to this and write down 
your vin no. before they smash your windows)
4. GETTING THE CODE IS ONLY HALF THE BATTLE. if you dont have the 
specific book for your radio, find out the EXACT proceedure for ENTERING 
the code. I had the very frustrating experience with my 90 coraddo of 
having the code but having no idea how to enter it. VAG changes this 
procedure very often so what works for some radios will not work for 
others.  Your proceedure will probably be different, but just to 
illustrate the complexity of the operation I will describe how it is done 
on  90 vw with the Heidelberg head unit.
     1. turn on the head unit and leave it on for at least 30 min. to 
clear the memory of all improper keystrokes. If you make a mistake the 
first time you must turn it off, then back on , and wait at least an hour 
to try again. Make a second mistake and you wait 3 hours, make a third 
mistake and the unit must be sent in and reprogrammed!
      2. then press and hold one button (ive forgotten which)  then press 
and hold a second button.
       3. the word "code" should appear in the display. now you enter 
your code. Say your code is 4321. You do not press the (memory) #4 button 
then the #3 button and so on. Instead you press (memory) #1 four times, 
then the #2 button three times, the #3 button 2 times. etc...
      4. then you press and hold a different button then press another 
button and release the two simultaneously. 
As you can see it is a major pain in the ars. I had five vw technitions 
trying to remember all of the proceedure after being told the wrong one 
over the phone for several days. They finally got it.  All this just for 
changing a battery! now i just CAREFULLy hook up my trickle charger to 
the battery cables befor removing them so the car has enough juice to 
maintain the memory in the radio while I change batteries. That way the 
radio never knows it was disconnected.  
By the way , If you bought your car from an audi dealer they should have 
told you all of this. They may not have known your code but they should 
have at least told you how to get it. 

hope this helped.
Rod Wiggins