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Subject line convention?

Just a suggestion....whaddyall think...

Considering that the different models of Audis seem to be different beasts,
would a subject line convention help organize traffic a bit?  For example,
a subject line of "suspension mods" interests me until I read the message
and find out they're talking about an '86 5000CS.  A more descriptive
subject line might help the volume loaded sort through the messages.

This would be a system similar to what's used in rec.autos.vw to
distinguish between air and water cooled posts.  Some own both, so they
don't split groups.  But the subject lines help those who don't just
auto-"KILL" articles whose subjects don't contain the keyword for their

For instance:

5K/5KCS/5KTQ = 5000 variants (or 4K/4KCS..etc)
80/90/80Q/90Q/90Q20V = 80/90 series
TQC = turbo quattro coupe (ie. Ur quattros...perhaps just UR:)
CPQ = coupe quattro (ie 89-91 coupe quattros)
S4/V8/A2/etc = whatever is appropriate for the newer makes
DISC = discussion pertaining to audi's in general (ie. volvo rulez or why
audi's don't suck)

From: cmice@mke.ab.com
Subject: 90Q: steering noise
From: cmice@mke.ab.com
Subject: 5KTQ: suspension mods

Make sense?  Being anal?  whaddya think? (be nice...it's just a suggestion).


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