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Re: Gas pedal cover

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brian Lakeman say:
> Last night the cover on the gas pedal of my '89 100Q fell off.  I tried to  
> put it back on with no avail.  It looks like the only thing holding it on was
> 2 thin pieces of plastic.  There is metal spring that sits between the cover  
> and the gas pedal, what is this for?  Is there any way to fix this, or should
> I go to the Audi dealer and buy a new one?

It's amazing how these things happen in spurts.

My '89 100Q lost it's pedal cover about 3 months ago.
I can't really figure out how to put it back on. The good
news is that the car really isn't any different to drive.
I got used to the different pedal shape pretty quickly.

Someday, when I'm at a junkyard, I'll look for a replacement.


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