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Re: Help my 5KTQ

   Please do your car justice and replace the radiator fan motor ASAP!!.
  Your fan is only working on stage three like mine did until I burned up 
  $1200 worth of wiring because it is a direct/continuous wiring with no 
fuse to blow first. Are the bearings in the fan motor loud? If yes, 
replace it soon! Does stage one come on after the car has been hot and 
then you turn the engine off? It should come on once, if not more so if 
it does not, then replace fan motor asap. It is not easy on the wallet when 
these fans stop working as I found out first hand! 
      I am only presuming that this is your problem because this is a 
problem with all/most Audi 5000 turbo and Quattro cars. The bearing in 
the fan is not sealed and over time collects dust and everything else and 
in time just wears the bearing out. Just to save some cash, 1) Go by your 
nearest dealer(I hate that word) and ask them to listen to it. 2) When I 
bought my last 5KTQ, the bearings were already getting loud and I had a 
rebuilt fan motor shipped to my house for $150 from Santa Fe Auto Salvage 
in Castle Rock Colorado. You get a 12 month warranty on it too. You can 
replace them yourself. 
        Again, Get a second opinion first as I am assuming this is your 
            Good Luck,