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Re: Help my 5KTQ

> I am only presuming that this is your problem because this is a 
> problem with all/most Audi 5000 turbo and Quattro cars. The bearing in 
> the fan is not sealed and over time collects dust and everything else and 
> in time just wears the bearing out. Just to save some cash, 1) Go by your 
> nearest dealer(I hate that word) and ask them to listen to it. 2) When I 
> bought my last 5KTQ, the bearings were already getting loud and I had a 
> rebuilt fan motor shipped to my house for $150 from Santa Fe Auto Salvage 
> in Castle Rock Colorado. You get a 12 month warranty on it too. You can 
> replace them yourself. 

Back in '90, I had the fan motor in my car rebuilt by an old man who runs an
electric motor repair shop -- you know, the dumpy kind of place with sh*t on
the floor and stuff piled high everywhere -- and he charged me all of $40.00
and had it back to me in less than 4 hours.

I'm sure there's one of these places in nearly every town and it might prove
worthwhile to give this approach a shot before laying out $150 plus shipping
for a motor rebuilt out-of-town.

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