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Re: chips

   Well I got my computer back, (IA installed a stage 2 upgrade) and as promised
   the car is running great. It pulls strongly up to 5-6k rpms, and is a
   different animal. I recommend it to everybody.

Does it actually have an extended top-end, or just more power on the way
to running out of breath at the same rpm?

   Now, I have another question. 
   About a month ago somebody wrote in the alias that by advancing the cam gear
   (?) by one notch, that the turbo would come on faster and the car would be
   quicker in the lower rpms. How does this work? and can I do this with the new
   computer upgrade without hurting the engine?

You're just "altering" the valve timing, which simply ("simply"! Hah!)
shifts the engine's operating characteristics, in particular, "advancing"
the valve timing shifts the "powerband" lower in the rpm range -- the
engine will develop more torque (and power) at a lower rpm, AT THE EXPENSE
of losing some performance at higher rpms.

UrQs are particularly notorious for having no bottom end (and man am I
tired of being blown off at stoplights by clapped out Nissan pickup
trucks...). Even with my S4 turbo, which will build 7psi at 2000, and is
full boost at 2500rpm on, the engine is a dog until it hits 3000 rpm.
(Now, 12psi at 2500 is a *definite improvement* over the stock turbo
which will grudgingly puff out 2-3 psi at 3000! but it is still "off the
cam" below 3000.)