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Re: *959 Sighting Doubtful

On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, Ernest Wong wrote:

> >        I had a ride in a Z-1 at an autocross a couple years ago.  What a
> >ride!  It was owned by GE plastics and they now have it n their
> >lobby.
> Mr. Graydon Stuckey, Sir.
> Are there any other 'wild' rides you haven't told us about!
> How's about the RS2? Too slow and common!
> Ernest Wong
> email: esw5@cornell.edu


	I have had some _very_ wild rides, but they were....

	Actually, being a bonafide carnut, I have managed to swindle a 
few interesting, if not wild, rides.  Probably the wildest was the 
SAE Formula car that I built with some friends at GMI a couple 
years ago.  Ernest, your colleagues at Cornell haev built a few of 
these too.  They are (usually) about 400-500 lbs with 70 HP.  Lots 
o' fun!  Next to that, my RX7 is about the extent of my regular experience.

Graydon D. Stuckey

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