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Re: Speed Kills?

//--- forwarded letter -------------------------------------------------------
> It's funny you mention that because the hair on the back of my neck has
> been standing up for a while and I wasn't sure why.  I'd like to switch over 
> to a 
> remote detector soon, does anyone know the optimal position on a 200 (ie
> not too hot or too open)?

Optimal Radar Detector location should be as high as possible.  Especially with low 
power radar and instant on radar, you need all the warning you can get.  

I have my CM Passport hanging from above my visor (90Q).  It is attached with velcro 
to the roof.  (Pin a few small pieces to the roof, and stick a couple on the case, it holds 
just fine.)  Be carefull!!  My 90Q visor bracket has a small metal clip which provides 
power to the vanity light.  Let this contact your (metal) detector case, and things may 
burn out (like your detector!).  On my car the bracket is hot  +12volts - not the ground 
like I ass-u-med.

Allan Morris
Phoenix, Arizona