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Re: AudiWatch Update (Tm) #53

>  '92 AUDI S4, perfect, dark green/blk lea, 9k mi, chip, exh, CD, phone,
>  htd gar, $31,900  810-625-1414 MI    AW 3-6-95

A note on the 'htd gar'. The reaction of road salt and other ice melting
chemicals on automobiles is greatly stimulated when a car is stored in
a heated garage. While the heated garage is great for getting in the car
on cold days and saves on Engine/Trans wear and tear, it helps ice melting
chemicals wreak havoc on just about anything it comes into contact. This
may or may not be common knowledge, and some people may not believe it, 
I have read that those types of chemicals become more active with 
higher temperatures.