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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?

  Yes, I suppose "they" can, "they" could also impound and destroy your
  whole car I suppose. Fortunately there is something (in the US) called
  the constitution, due-process, representation, assumption of innocence,
  etc. There are also FCC laws that prevent the states from regulating
  radio transmission and reception devices, such as radar detectors, that
  render these state laws all null and void. If someone in one of these
  communist states were to fight one of the RD laws it would be thrown out.
  I sure wish I could get caught in one of these situations, I'd just
  *LOVE* to challenge this BS in court! The People's Republic of
  Taxxachusettes just overturned a ruling this week on refusal of the
  breathalyzer and other drunk driving tests; refusal can no longer be used
  a evidence against the alleged violator. This never would have happened
  if *someone* hadn't fought it! Don't just roll over and play dead.....