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S4 Prices

Within the past day or so, someone asked is $36k was a good price for a 
used S4.  I cannot remember if it was a '93 or '94.

The Chicago Tribune (Thursday, 3/23) had the following ads:

'93 S4, 29K miles, pearl white/black leather, $30,700.  Dealer is Laurel 
BMW, 708-654-5400.

'93 S4, low miles, emerald with ecru leather.  $30,990.  Dealer phone is 

'93 S4, 30k miles, pearl white/ecru, $30,990.  708-843-9900.

Hope this helps.

Bill Murin <murinw@cs.uwp.edu)
'87 4kq
(soon to be an S4 as soon as my son figures out if college next year will 
cost me $ or $$$$$$!!)