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V8 manual copying

              Memo from Peter Fraser                Ext. 6517
        Subject: V8 manual copying                     3/24/95    10:44 AM

i forwarded eliot's query to my internal audi contact ("Kyle"), and this was
what ensued...

-- Peter of LBL

what do you think?  could you please ask around?
Date: 3/17/95 10:52 AM
From: Eliot Lim
hey peter, we have digital versions of portions of the factory v8 repair
manual, pertaining to climate control diagnosis and repair.  so far it
has not been made available pending us getting some form of ?permission?.
what is your reading of such a possibility?  i was thinking like if you
informally asked your "internal pals" and they said something like "it won?t
be a big deal" we could probably proceed.
i suppose we could also make the case that having such online documents
would enhance the cause of the marque, since the CC is a bad piece of
work and this would go a ways in alleviating some of the pain.
---- End of mail text
Send a written inquiry to the VWoA Legal Dept, attn: Mr. Joe Folz and see w
hat they have to say.