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Undetectable Detectors

> Is there such a product as an undetectable radar detector.  I'm not asking 
> about so-called stealth detectors which can be operated in "dark mode", but
> one which emits a low enough oscillator signal to not be detectable by
> equipment?  If such a detector is available, please provide specifics. 

Most of the newer models are much less detectable, if at all.  Most of the
magazines who do tests, now include a detectability test.  If memory serves
me, the Valentine did well as well as the Bel (both were undetectable).  I
have a Bel 645STi-plus.  I bought it after it came out on top of three tests
I read (the Valentine was not tested in any of them).  The literature claims
it to be "stealth", but this thing gives me a false Ka every time my cellular
phone changes cells;  unfortunately because of the number of falses I get, I
would NOT recommend this detector.