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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?

On Mar 24, 11:37am, glen.powell@smc.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: RD confiscation/destruction?
>   OK! So, a first-hand experience with RD confiscation! How did it all end
>   up in court? Did he get his RD back? Was this fought on constitutional
>   grounds?
>   I'd just *LOVE* to have this happen to me! This would be a way-cool
>   challenge I'd just love to fight in court, perhaps even as a class-action
>   case.
>   -glen
>-- End of excerpt from glen.powell@smc.com

Uhh, no.  It is stated all over the place in VA that RD's are illegal in the
state, so cops can do about anything they want with them.  In this case, he
just grabbed her fuzz-buster, went back to his car, wrote up a ticket for
speeding (no break there either) and gave her the ticket for speeding.  As far
as I know the a**h*** cop is using the thing himself now.  Mention of the
fuzzbuster was not brought up in court by either her or the cop.  I have'nt
heard of anyone ever getting a fuzzbuster back once confiscated in VA, althouhg
this is the only "firsthand" experience I have where I KNOW the person had one
swiped by a cop.  Police in this area (Northern Virginia/Fairfax) are getting
very anal - they have  installed cameras on top of stoplights, and they take
pictures of the license plates of cars running redlights then mail a ticket
out.  I don't know of anyone getting a ticket this way, but I wonder how you
would fight that in court (rolling stop?  Must stop for 2 seconds before making
a right on red?  Owner of car not the one driving?  I've had my girlfriends car
with Iowa tags for a month now, wonder how many she'll be getting...)  All
seems very sh*tty to me, but then again I lost all respect for the boys in blue
a long time ago (just the trafffic ones.  DC cops I feel sorry for.)  BTW,
every morning on the Capital Beltway (495) I blow by a cop at around 80 MPH,
always in the same spot.  Of course, I'm about ten feet from the guy in front
of me, and the guy behind me is so close I can't see his bumper, and all four
lanes are about the same.  I guess they figure they won't screw with the flow
of traffic, just out to get those that are exceeding the flow...