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DISC: Audi Nuts?

> The '90 80's have bags too;  my sister owns one.  Yes, my house does look like
> an Audi dealership (my black 87 TQ and 84 saphire blue 5kS, her gray '90 80,
> and my friends gold '87 TQ that always sits in front of our house for some
> reason...)
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ
I guess it isn't really that unique to hear of people owning several 
cars from the same marque, but it is intriguing to me to hear of others 
who own multiple Audis since Audi doesn't sell that many cars.  It turns 
out in my case that I have never bought a car that was not an Audi [which 
is not to say that I would not buy cars other than Audis].  I've got 
three Audis in my garage, and it is interesting to note that my wife's 
brother owns three more.  Both of us started collecting Audis before we 
met.  In my case all but the first were purchased used.  One of the major 
attractions for me is the fact that the resale value is such that it is 
difficult to find a car that I feel can match the value, especially with 
all of the active and passive safety features Audi offers.  But then 
again I don't see myself going out to buy a new one.  

Steve Buchholz