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90Q Auto-Check display of radio info

1. The Audi 90 manual indicates that the Auto-Check System should 
    display radio info, ie: FM, Tape, etc.   My '90 90Q20V doesn't!
    It is a Canadian model.

2.  The Audi mechanic told me that my model doesn't have that feature.  I 
     wonder does anyone know anything about this.   Is it a function of 
     the model/year of the car, or the radio (mine is an audi radio) ?

3. Does anyone have experience with "Crime Stopper" alarm/security 
system ?  I would appreciate any comment on this product because I 
will be having one installed in the coming week.   Anything to watch 
out for ?
Signing off for now,
    Solomon Ngan<sngan@netaccess.on.ca>