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(Update) Cheap 5000s Fuel Pump Query

quattro Listmembers,

Thanks again for your help finding a cheap fuel pump for 
a friend's 5000S.  Raj took your good advice and is back on
the road again.  Here's a couple of edited forwards from Raj
with his permission to let you know the rest of the story.  

Thanks again, quattro listmembers, from Raj and myself.  Your 
efforts were simply outstanding and really meant a lot to
my hardworking student friend.  (I haven't included the name of 
the vendor 'cause I didn't want to violate any internet advertising

Happy motoring to y'all.

          Dan Wood

"Speed may not kill, but it can maim you pretty good." -- Dan, as he
contemplates the next set of bone grafts.

"Faster than a speeding ticket." -- Unknown

Owner, 1/8 scale R/C quattro rally car, fed so many batteries
it should've grown to 1/1 scale by now! (And quattro enthusiast).

>        Dear Dan,
>                 Finally, after pondering over the many
>        messages that were forwarded to me, I called up
>        most of the 800 tele numbers and decided to place
         (...an order as...)
>        recommended on the list you forwarded. The best part
>        was (they were) so very friendly and courteous after
>        I had told...the whole story about you and the quattro
>        list members who have helped me...and charged me the most
>        decent price....
>        I got Lucas to order it using his credit card and the
>        pump will be shipped to the bar because all of us won't
>        be home on Monday-the day of delivery!!.
>        My sincere thanks for the help from the people of the
>        quattro group, and as per the replacement itself,
>        I will get it done as soon as I get the pump.
>        If I do get into any difficulties I'll holler at you!!
>        I will most definitely take that advice and put out that 
>        cigarette before performing the operation!
>                        ... Warm regards from Lucas, Raj and Carine.
>         P.S. Sorry I couldn't call you yesterday. Had to report to
>             work early and check I.D.'s at the door. Got home
>             after cleaning the place at about 2.15am and then had
>             to study for the test at 9.am before the kitchen work
>             at noon.  Another busy day!

...and tonight, this arrived...

>         Dear Dan,
>         Gotta hit and run this time.  Thanks a bunch or should I say
>         thanks a 5000s bunch for coming to my rescue with all the
>         given info from the quattro group.  I got the fuel pump in
>         just the way they said, and now my Audi's purring like a kitten.
>         It's great!!!  Thank God there was nothing else wrong, this
>         seems to be the only problem and now I've got wheels again.  Dan,
>         please let them know I appreciated it!  Please bear with me
>         once again an I will call you tonight before I hit the world
>         of Bar Janitorial Duties !!!!
>                                                Your Pal, Raj
>           My love to all at home.
>           p.s.  Carine says BONJOUR!