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Re: '88 TQC intermittent oil pressure warning

> From Phil@sievers.com Fri Mar 24 14:28:43 1995
> Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 14:13:33 GMT
> From: Phil@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
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> Subject: Re: '88 TQC intermittent oil pressure warning
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> In message <9503240917.AA19980@wagner> Steve Evans writes:
> > I've owned an '88 Coupe Quattro Turbo (2226cc 10V) for a couple of months and
> > on four occasions (that I'm aware of), have had the oil pressure light come on
> > briefly and then promptly go out again.
> Known problem with the 1988 ur-Q.  Cut off and replace the connector to the 
> oil pressure sender on the side of the engine (next to the radiator), and check 
> the continuity of all the chassis ground connections attached to the inlet 
> manifold.  I had EXACTLY the same problem on mine.
> > I'm trying to figure out what the problem could be (without spending a fortune
> > at the local Audi delaer). I have a few ideas - any comments.
> Forget your local dealer.  Call BRM in Leamington Spa (01926 451545) and 
> arrange an appointment.  The lowest labour and parts rates I've ever seen, plus 
> they give you a coffee and INSIST you to go into the workshop and discuss 
> your car with your mechanic.  The workshop is spotlessly clean and brightly 
> lit - they don't just say you need a few hundred quids' worth of parts - 
> they SHOW you the problems.  They have serviced/maintained 200 (!) ur-Qs in 
> the last year. Brian (the boss -his wife's the receptionist) is a real 
> enthusiast, and quite active in the club. BRM are COMPLETELY equipped to handle 
> any job on an ur-Q and they have huge parts stocks.
> > Apart from these worrying warnings the car goes like a dream and is perfect
> > for wet winding country roads.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Steve Evans
> > '83 Triumph TR8
> > '88 Audi Quattro Coupe Turbo
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Thanks for the advice. I am familiar with BRM; they are are only twenty minutes from where I
live (Banbury) and have already done an excellent job of adjusting the suspension geometry. They
also changed the CAM belt and water pump which, due to the huge torque setting for the crankshaft
damper bolt, was beyond my capabilities (I don't own a suitable 5' spanner!).

The oil pressure switch on my car has two terminals, only one of which is connected. The sender
looks like those intended to drive an oil pressure gauge and a warning light. I was wondering which
terminal should be connected as perhaps the problem may be caused by the wrong terminal being used.

I can't see any (obvious) chassis bonding straps connecting directly to the inlet manifold (there
is a braided strap connecting to the rear rocker cover mounting bolt), but there are a couple wires
which connect to a bolt on the manifold adjacent to the fuel distributor - I assume these are
the wires you mean. I'll clean up this connection and see what happens (or not as the case may be).


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