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Re: TAP mods/interested parties/10V turbos

Steve Marinell wrote:

>Haven't done the TAP mod deal, as yet...will be looking to do it sometime
>in the next few months.  So far, interested parties appear to include the
>following people.  Those listed, please let me know if you really are
>interested and your time frame.  If you're not on the list, let me know
>also.  I'll try to coordinate the latter part of next week when I get back
>from a business trip.
>       [stuff zapped]

Do you know, (or can find out) if there are any computer modifications
available for the non-turbo cars?  I've got a 10v '85 GT that I'd like to
wring a little more power out of.

BTW, there is a thread on rec.auto.vw about in '85 or later VW's with the
KE-Jectronic FI, that if you clip a jumper wire between (I think!) pins 3
and 11 on the ECU that it will switch to a slightly more aggressive fuel
map.  Does anyone know if this applies to Audi's with the same equipment?
And if so, would installing a toggle switch to change back and forth between
the two maps cause a problem?