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Re: Oil Change

On Mar 24,  4:54pm, Zafer Mehmood  [209] wrote:

> Sorry, I have to disagree. The difference is between oil and water-cooled
> turbos, and not Turbo and Turbo Quattros. Also, the intercooler has nothing
> to do with oil or oil filters, it just cools the intake air heated up by the
> turbo and its compressing action. May be you meant oil cooler.

No, I was told the intercooler was what replaced the turbo filter.  Of course,
this was information from a mechanic who told me that I needed a new
transmission/transfer case AND a new turbo and wastegate to fix a clunking
noise I heard, when it turned out to be a shot catalytic converter.  Thanks for

87 5000CS TQ