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5ktq turbo ?

Andrew Shea <anshea@hawk.anselm.edu> writes:

>	I have an 87 5000cs quattro.  Is my car intercooled? (I think
>  so!)  Do I have a watercooled or an oilcooled turbo? (Just don't know!)
>  And, How many filters do I have? (One?)

Assuming you have a TQ, then yes, it's intercooled. The intercooler looks like
a small radiator and it's located behind the lower front air-dam on the 
passenger side.  The turbo is water-cooled and you should only have 1 oil 
filter.  Someone else (Zafer, I think) said the pre-86 5kt has 2 oil filters.

Steve Jagernauth	               	'87 951 Pearl Black 
AT&T BCS			  	'87 Audi 5K CST 
Bridgewater, NJ