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Re: Tires

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Eddi Jew wrote:

> Just curious, but for the same model tire and size, what manufacturing 
> differences are there between, say, an H-rating and a V-rating?  Which 
> of the extra improvements in V-rated tires benefit handling at speeds 
> below 150 mph? Will that $10-20 extra get me better steering response, 
> linear (predictable) breakaway, etc.?
> -- Eddi

I know many don't consider the all-season or m+s ratings on performance tires
to be an issue, but for a quattro, it is the difference between "legal" and
not.  FWIW, my story:

Feb 1991, I put Michelin XGT-H4s on my (now) wife's Honda Accord.  She was
moving to Anchorage and needed more than the OE Michelins (model no longer
recalled).  Their performance was *amazing* so I subsequently put the same
tires on my '87 4000 CSQ.  (same brand, model, and even size!)  Never used
chains, got stuck, or spun (maybe I wasn't aggressive enough?!).
 Incredible--before that, I used to change over every season from the P6s to
some Kleber M+S tires.

Fast forward, Jan 1994.  I now have the '91 200 Q.  Based on experience with
the XGT-H4s, I replaced the P600s with XGT-V4s.  WRONG MOVE!  While I get
good, predictable handling in the dry and in rain, snow & ice performance
leaves much to be desired.  Still don't use chains (carry them to keep
legal), but I have gotten stuck, spun, ... maybe I've gotten more aggressive

sorry the difference in cars prevents direct comparison between the H and
V-rated tires.