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Re: 5k with 17" whls

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Yes, 17's fit, I remember EC did a article on a guy that put 215/40-45 17's
> on his 5ktq and it fit fine....  I will share, however that offset is
> critical for this app, my 205/55 SP8k's on 16X7.5 rubbed the rear fenders on
> my car. a little coaxing from mr bat helped, but the 5ktq wheels are usually
> not Hubcentric, they share the same bolt pattern (larger threads in the 5ktq)
> as the mercedes 300, but the offset is usually about 10mm outbound (you can
> tell this becuz the 300 app needs centering rings for the 5ktq)..  The only
> wheels that I know are 5ktq specific are the AST LS and the MOMO apps....  My
> guess is that you would be better off going after a 225/50 16 than the 215 17
> if you need to do the fender work anyway, graydon, Michigan with less than a
> 50 series is a lesson in pothole avoidance theory, not driving enjoyment.....
> Scott


	My MOMO rep has a set of MOMO Mirage 17x7.5 that he wants to 
clear out.  I haven't checked what the offset is, but I know what 
you mean on the rear fenders, they get pretty close.  What offset 
do you have?

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