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Re: 4CSQ/Rims

I think $150 is a bit much for a wheel for the 4000CSQ. I'd shop around,
looking for takeoffs from discount tire stores.  I bent one several years
ago, and while tire rack had the Ronel version of the wheel in stock, the
color of the finish was slightly different. I could have upgraded to 15X7
Ronal R8's at that time for around $75 each. Alas, New Ronal R8's are no
longer available. Last time I bent a rim I found a place called Woody's
Wheel Works in Denver. $75 No problems with it whatsoever. He Spins the
wheel aginst a mic to see where and how far out of round the wheel is (mine
was 3/8") then with a mallett and a piece of aluminum bar stock he
administers a few carefully planned whacks. When finished, the wheel was
within .010" The shop specializes in motercycle wheels, restorations and
skiing equipment for paraplegics. Interesting place.


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)