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Re: TAP mods/interested parties/10V

> BTW, there is a thread on rec.auto.vw about in '85 or later VW's with the
> KE-Jectronic FI, that if you clip a jumper wire between (I think!) pins 3
> and 11 on the ECU that it will switch to a slightly more aggressive fuel
> map.  Does anyone know if this applies to Audi's with the same equipment?
> And if so, would installing a toggle switch to change back and forth
> between the two maps cause a problem?

I don't recall the exact pins involved but what you're doing is switching to
the Audi map; as such, I doubt you'll find this work on an Audi. I installed
the ECU from a 16v VW on my '85 4000s (per instructions from Techtonics) and
now have a rev limit of 7200 rpm instead of the original 6500 and a bit more
midrange punch to boot ... if you just have to mess around with your ECU, my
recommendation would be give this a try.  (If you want to cheat and continue
to compete in the SCCA's Solo II stock classes, the 16v boards can be put in
the 8v box and no one will be the wiser.  Of course, 7200 is kind of useless
with a stock cam so you might as well change that, too, and let's not forget
the ... oops, never mind.)   ;^)

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