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New address

FYI, Y'all,
I am moving to a new account (see the .sig below) and will have a new address
starting immediately.  The old one will be maintained for a brief changeover 
time.  Our computer center director sez I gotta try 'n save some bucks.  The
new account is cheaper.  So...

Oh. Oh  Obligatory references.  My sleddogs enjoy riding in my Audi.  :-)

Bob  __________________________________________________      ^_____^
    | Robert L. (Bob) Myers  <RMyers@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> |    /       \
    |  Now changing to <rmyers@olie.wvitcoe.wvnet.edu> |   (  O   O  )
    |__________________________________________________|    \  (_)  /
            Love M'Audi - Love M'Bimmer.                     |  U  |
       Siberian Huskies are better than either!