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Re: Flaky Speedometer revisited yet again

> In the continuing daytime drama of the flaky speedometer, my macanak (can't
> spell mechanic) tells me they had to replace a gear in the transmission AND
> a printed circuit board in the instrument cluster.  To the tune of $628.
> That's one high priced tune.  I'm on my way to pick up the car and find
> out fer sure whether its really fixed.  Meanwhile, what's the odds on there
> being problems at BOTH ends of the system?  I think I'd better question him
> severely about the need for both replacements.  The gear under consideration 
> is apparently in the transmission and is what provides the signal to the speed
> sensor.  If the pc board is bad they why was the transmission work needed?
> If the transmission work was necessary then why replace the pc board?
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I had a flacky speedometer as well (at about 130-145k). It turned out
that the plastic gear on the sender side, inside the transmission
was worn. Don't replace the whole sender. Audi sells the plastic 
gear separately (~ $5). It can be replaced within 15 min.
I would try this first, before I would even touch the instrument

- Hans

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