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The costs of speed (Update)

Friends --

I'm getting a pretty good initial response to this thread.  If you're 
planning to contribute...hold that thought!

I didn't realize I'd be getting data in such a variety of formats about 
such a variety of violations.

Puh-leeze hold-off *just* a bit till I can figure out a useful, 
"universal" format (though I'd welcome input here, as well).  :)

In the meantime, I just stepped in the door from visiting the Eugene 
office of the Oregon State Police, where I obtained a copy of the latest 
bail schedules.  Here's a preview of coming attractions for things we (I) 
might be most likely to run into (no pun intended).
Improper clearance - $233 ($425)
Improper exhaust system - 115 (201) [i.e. may be add'l to noise cite below]
Unreasonable noise - 233 (425) [Subjective @ officer's discretion]
Use of prohibited lighting - 115 (201)[I'm pushing 310/320 peak for'd watts]
Following too closely - 233 (425) [i.e. the RD of the guy _ahead_ goes off]
Speed racing - 649 (836) [no more stoplight grands prix]
Fail to disp plates (no front) - 519 (!) ["But occifer, it drops water temp]
Speeding w/65 mile speed limit:
66 to 75 = 134 (201)
76 to 85 = 329 (425)
85+      = 519


"Hey, be careful out there." -- Hill Street Blues

"(Officer), Permit me to introduce myself.  My name is mud."
                                                        -- Wile E. Coyote

"You are about to enter the most dangerous place in the world...the 
public highways." -- Exit Gate, Eugene OR Office, United Parcel Service