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Q: '84 4KSQ

I would appreciate some input on this quandry:
I own an '84 4000S Quattro, 150k miles.  It has been damaged (deer) slightly
(front end a bit crinkled but fully functional) and needs some real (expensive)
maintenance, such as new wheel bearings all around, rear differential seal,
windshield.  The car is weary looking, but still runs as well as when I bought
it (90k miles, 4 years ago $800 :)  Now I love it to death, and would readily
fix it, but here's the quandry.  I also have an '87 4000CS Quattro, nearly 
identical.  Should I shelve the '84 while the parts that are still good
(i.e. engine) could be saved to keep up the '87, which is now in *near* mint
condition?  I'm afraid that I'll drive the '84 until is a dead carcass (no pun
intended) and then won't have anything to fall back on for parts.  I've also
considered selling the car to a salvage yard and parting it out myself.

It really is a question of heart vs. mind.
James Kerr
Academic Computing Services
316B Galvin Hall
The Ohio State University, Lima Campus