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Re: '86 5000 CS Q for sale (Maryland, USA)

> Posted for Bill Bartlett:
> 	'86 5000 CS Q, Red, Black Leather interior, Sport Seats, 123K
> miles, average condition, $4K, (410) 268-5951

As time goes on, I will be looking for a quattro.  I've been seeing
some weird prices around.  Apparently my 1988 Audi 90 with 90k miles
would only be worth around $5000 (mint condition) but an 86 5000
with those miles and average condition is $4000?
Anyone know the book values on quattro?  It might be neat to keep 
this online (of course it gets outdated, but it would serve as a 
reference point.)

As an aside, has anyone owned both a 4000Q and a 90Q?  Could you compare
them as far as performance, space, etc?  One of those, or a 200TQ
are probably what I will look at.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
ANS CO+RE Systems, Inc.		         (914) 789-5378
100 Clearbrook Road  			Elmsford, NY 10523