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PW Regulator (fwd)

>Hey I hot a quick ques for anyone out there...
>	I own an 87 Coupe GT. The cable in my power window regulator 
>broke. Now most places you have to buy both the regulator and the motor.. 
>new or used. Now this is a hard part to seperate so that doesn't bother 
>me. My problem is I cannot find a used one. I got a price on a new one 
>... it was about $350.00. Now used ones places have told me run anywhere 
>from $15.00 up to $175.00 depending on the Junk yard I called or went to. 
>Can anyone help me find one? I have tried places on the File available on 
>here. Help would greatly be appricated.

I had the same problem with my 87 4KS. What I'm attempting to do is repair
it. So far I have purchased the cable and hardware. The part I need now is
the housing for the cable. If this doesn't work I will go the used route.
There is yard down the street from me that has a couple Audis and they will
probably cut me some slack. My question is, can I pull the regulator/motor
from any year Audi 4K? I assume it would have to be driver's side only since
it is my side that is broken. TIA.
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