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Re: lightin'

> not sure why anyone would want to go that route frankly...  The 
audi US light
> compromise is in the design of the lens, reflector and the bulb, an
> engineering nightmare only exponentially increased by putting a brighter bulb
> in the mix....  But, a jc whitney argument is really the best one on this
> issue......

Thanks for the info.  I was not aware that the problem lay in the 
design of the headlamp assembly.  Although I should have, because 
numerous other cars use these same bulbs with better lighting.  <duh!>

Do you have any idea on the cost/options involved in switching them.  
(One of mine is cracked as it is)

I found the easiest way to cheat was to buy some brighter center 
marker lights.  I get brighted on occasion, but quickly repromand.  
The brigter bulbs almost make up for the deficiency of the crummy low-

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