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New radiator for '86 Coupe GT

>Does anyone have any experience getting a new radiator for this car?  Mine is 
>8 years old and needs to be replaced.  The dealer wants to charge an
>outrageous sum - about $700-$800 just for the part.  Basically, this tells me
>he doesn't want my business.

Why do you need a new radiator?
I have an '85 Coupe GT, and it still has the original radiator.  My father
has an '82 Coupe with the original still going.
If the problem is because of reduced cooling, you may be able to fix that.
Both my father and I have pulled our radiators and taken it to a local shop
to be "rodded" out.  Basically, the fellow pulls off the endcaps and jams
a rod through each channel in the radiator.  He then solders the endcaps
back onto the finned section, and the radiator is done.  He said my father's
radiator was probably around 75% clogged.  This little operation fixed the
car's overheating problem, and he has been using it for several months now
without any signs of leakage or other problems.   My car has been running
fine now for 3 months after doing this to the radiator.
It cost $50 at a one-man local radiator shop.