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Hydraulic oil and Rough idle

Hi. I have a can of Hydraulic oli which a mechanic used put in my '86 5kcs.
But now I'm a little in duobt.  Audi manual says use Audi oil No. G 002 000
or equivalent, but this can is Pentosin CHF 7.1 and has BMW-Teile-Nr.: 81 22
9 407 549 on the side.  Can I use it?

besides, the car always have very rough idle.  Was it is stopped, the while
car seems vibrates, particularly the steering wheel.  When I step on the
gas, the car is very smooth again.  I have two mechanics checked it and could
not identify the problem.  The reont rotor and pads have been changed recently.
The front rotors and pads was changed last year.