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Re: RD tidbits

Now, just had to bite, since the plethera of rd posts

*  Jammers:  Some work, most don't...  There is more than one PD radar
commonly available unit that reads "JA" when the radar detects your device,
and some new units out read RD after it displays your speed and detects
Supehet, so don't spend too much money in the hide the detector moves...  Now
your fines start....

*  If it ain't superhet, you might as well get a 20yr old fuzz buster, cuz
that's all ye got, for range and esp Ka you need the detector net to catch
those signals

*  Of all the hitech detectors in my group of Hi techs, we still rely most
heavily on the SHO with the old escort (w/ *stop* curcuitry) to take the
lead, and his still gets the fewest false alarms by the biggest margin....

*  Placement of the detector (argument higher is better) has the most minimal
effect on detector effectiveness (maybe 18wheeler vs miata), but not visor to

*  Whistler sold some 2000 "modified" radar detectors to the military for the
F-16 (my brother was installing some in the mid 80's)

*  Lasar:  Expensive to own, your Geico Insurance boys underwrite most of the
costs for the PD's that want them...  The best thing you can do is get rid of
the "brightwork" (those nasty Olympic rings are big time targets) to become
more stealth....  Rmoving the front plate helps too (o yes, had the op to
play)....  lasar is EXTREMELY accurate, so don't fight the ticket on those
grounds...  An ugly front end bra works for those of you with lite colored
car....  And yes the theory behind the anti radar bra is more than just a
gimmick, it works on the radar more that the lasar, but is effective for

*  Stationary radar units can accurately clock you going away from the unit

*  A Officer travelling at the same speed as the oncoming vehicle gets no
reading from his unit

*  Most instant on radar has the hold button on the unit, not the triggr
remote, so insist on seeing your speed, you might have beat his "hold finger"
by more than what he said he saw...

*  Most radar units have a "echo sound device" High pitch whine (increases
with offending speed) in standby mode, b4 you get the pop on your radar

*  I have the occasion to ride with an old roomate who is a OOL and his guess
at any cars speed (oncoming or away) was so accurate to the radar, you
understand the concept of why you are guilty until proven innocent, cuz they
know, the radar just confirms....

*  Do not admit how fast you were driving, deny everthing from the get go,
your response can be a admission of guilt (my buddy has a 90+% conviction
rate on his tickets, cuz he writes down the first response out of your mouth
when he tells you the offense, including the Oh Sh** in the comment section
of your ticket)

*  I am in possession of a midwest state's police training manual on Officer
Radar Certification which every lawman must have to operate the radar.
 Basically, this manual tells all, what is the weaknesses of each radar
(X,K,Ka) and, what is considered a "bad trap" etc.....

*  Frontal area metal and "corners" are what radar actually gets it range vs
reading from (one of the best stealths is a stock fiero gt), so the jellybean
does have it's advantages....   And the fact that the audis have skewed
radiators helps here too (tho the fieros faces up and that's even bettr)

A few items from a few of us who consider stealth as one of the highest
priorities in the pusuit of good safe fast fun.....     And again back to the
q's .............