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Re: Radar Jammers

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c.com>  writes:
>   I've had *excellent* results with a passive jammer called the _Eclipse_.
>   I've avoided several tickets that I definitely would have been hit with
>   by using this device. Keep in mind, it's not perfect, all it does is give
>   you more time to go "sub light" before the cop's radar unit locks on to
>   your speed. It must be used in combination with a quality RD and an aware
>   driver with good reaction time.

Hi Glen,

*PLease* post more details about the circumstances.  Normally, I'd be reluctant 
to believe that this was anything but a fraud; but if you have had actual 
experience that convinced *you*, then we all would benefit from that voice
of experience.  I would, anyway.  TIA and TTFN