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Re: New radiator for '86 Coupe GT

>>Does anyone have any experience getting a new radiator for this car?  Mine is 
>>8 years old and needs to be replaced.  The dealer wants to charge an
>>outrageous sum - about $700-$800 just for the part.  Basically, this tells me
>>he doesn't want my business.
>Why do you need a new radiator?

The most common reasons for needing a new radiator in VW/Audis of this
vintage are
1. Leaks developing between the plastic side "tanks" and the metal core, and
2. broken hose connections.

Neither can be fixed at your standard radiator shop, although audi does sell
a connector replacement kit for the 5000.  My kit lasted about a year before
the glue loosened up.  Fortunately, I have enough of a connection left that
its no big deal.  Spose I could always buy another $10 glue packet....

With regard to the price, that is WAY too high.  The dealer price for my '86
5000 radiator is something like $400, but PAP (and others?) have an exact
OEM replacement for well under $200.  Why are you going to the dealer for
any parts?

You need to know about PAP.  Judging from your address, you are in
the Atlanta area and they are in Norcross.  They do mail order around the
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation