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Re: 4KCSQ/Ball Joints

>>The Service manager of my local NTW (National Tire Wholesale) >>indicated
that my 4000CS Quattro (95k miles) had badly worn ball >>joints which needed
replacing. He quoted me a price of $176 parts >>and labor plus an additional
$50 for the align- ment. I'd like to know >>the following:

>>1. Given the mileage (95k), is normal to replace the ball joints at >>this
time(the only other suspension work was the replacement >>of the front lower
control arm bushings 20k miles ago)

Yes, 100k miles is reasonable life out of a BJ.

>>2. There was not a breakdown of how much the part would cost. >>How much
are balljoints and is $176 a fair price?

I'd be real cautious of this price, I got mine (rear BJ) for $49 from GPR in
CA. I also didn't need the special tool that Bentley lists to replace it, a
cold chisel worked fine to loosen it up. I can't believe that the front BJ is
that much more. How much are they charging you for labor? On a brighter note,
$50 for an alignment is peanuts. I usually end up paying $80-$100 depending
on what has to be heated up or beaten on to adjust! That's a 4wheel align,

Hope this helps,
-Chris Semple  
'87 4000csq