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Re: lightin'

> On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Alan Cordeiro wrote:
> > If you put in higher power lamps without a relay, you might
> > end up with less light ( due to the higher voltage drops.
> Could you give me an idea what I would need to do this?  Basics for wiring?
> 				---TIA
> 			-----Bob

I'll have to be brief, but in a nutshell,

I bought a "dual Headlamp Relay" from J.C. Whittney for about $18.

I then fed a wire from the post that is provided in the engine compartment
to charge/jumpstart the battery ( since mine is under the rear seat )
This is UNIQUE to certain cars i guess, not true for ther 4k...

The relay has two 20 amp fuses built into it, hence I saved adding
external fuses.

 I then took the output of the relay to two EXTRA new sockets
( from the nearby auto parts store ) and "tapped" into the
existing old sockets to power the relay coils. I have the
old sockets as a backup if the relay ever fails.

I remember measuring a gain of at least 0.5 volts, it did make
a noticable difference.


If you are willing to add a third socket, and mill a small
grove into the side of a 9007, ( supply pin wiring is
slightly different ) there is a further improvement
that can be had. Then again, the high power 9004s are
only for off road use anyhow.....

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5kTQ, your wiring may be different....